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Audio Transcription Services

HabileData is offering quality audio transcription services to clients enables its employees to carry out accurate conversion of audio files into verbatim transcripts. In a short span of time, HabileData has gone on to become a service provider that offers its clients quick audio transcription services.

Audio Transcription Services We Offer:

  • Transcription of Audio Files of Psychotherapy Sessions to Text Format
  • Accurate Transcription from Audio Recordings
  • Audio File and Transcript in WORD Format
  • Transcribe Audio Lecture
  • Transcribe mp3 Audio Files of Tele Seminars into Word or Mac Pages File
  • Transcribe Audio to Text for Qualitative Analysis
  • Transcription of Tape Recordings
  • Transcription of Written or Audio Tape of Minutes/Letters/Memos
  • Meditation Audio Transcribed to Text
  • Business Meetings and Conference Calls Audio Files Transcriptions in English
  • Listening to Audio Recordings of Speech and Typing on Computer
  • Compile Verbatim Transcripts from Audio Recordings
  • Digital Voice, Microcassette and Micro Mini Cassetter Transcription
  • Transcribe Audio Files Made by Physicians in Accurate Electronic Medical Reports

Skilled professionals employed at the firm work towards achieving error-free transcription solutions. Thus, outsourcing audio transcription services to HabileData proves beneficial with almost 60% reduction in the estimated expenditure.

More Audio Transcription Services Offered at HabileData:

  • Academic Discussions and Lectures
  • Courtroom Testimonies and Hearings
  • Focus Group Conversations and Discussions
  • Interviews
  • Manuscripts
  • Meetings, Seminars and Conferences
  • Press Briefings and Conferences
  • Radio Shows, Podcasts, Movies and Television Shows
  • Speeches and Public Discourses
  • Spiritual Preaching and Sermons
  • Video and Teleconferences

The employees assist you with add-on service of data indexing for easy retrieval of audio transcripts later. Apart from this, the company also gives a free trial to the first-time users.

Few Highlights of Our Audio Transcription Services are:

  • Accurate and Reliable Services
  • Adherence to Confidentiality Policy and Data Security Guidelines
  • Talent Pool of Qualified and Skilled Audio Transcriptionists
  • Quick Turnaround Time
  • Round-the-clock Customer Support
  • Tailor-made Solutions
  • Transcripts Delivered in a File Format of Desired Choice
  • Cost-effective Pricing

To avoid resource wastage, HabileData enables optimum and effective utilization of resources of its client organization; thus eventually enhancing overall business productivity.

HabileData's aim is to assist its clients realize their business goals successfully and adopt a focused approach that helps it foster long-lasting relationship with clients.

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