Aperture Card Scanning Services

HabileData offers scanning and indexing services of unmatched quality to client organizations across the world.

With everything going digital today, HabileData, a global outsourcing service provider, caters to the aperture card scanning needs of clients.

With HabileData's skilled workforce, clients get unique solutions to their scanning and indexing requirements. The company instills in its employees, organizational core values such as on-time delivery, flexible solutions, and transparent workflow; and thus generates high returns in a hassle-free manner.

HabileData's exceptional quality aperture card scanning services helps its clients convert their data stored on existing cards into current electronic formats easily.

HabileData offers following Aperture Card Scanning Services:

  • MIL, ISO and DIN Silver Aperture Cards
  • Hollerith Code Capture
  • Bi-tonal and Grayscale Outputs
  • 100-800 Data per Inch (DPI) Resolution

Advantages Offered by HabileData:

  • Date specific data can be retrieved, edited, shared and published in a matter of few seconds with the help of computers, laptops or other hand-held devices
  • Readily available data that can be easily converted to desired file formats in tune with existing backup systems
  • Outdated expensive devices essential for viewing and maintenance of aperture cards can be eliminated
  • Reduction of space consumed by aperture card equipment and numerous aperture cards
  • Any fear of data loss due to negligence or damage to aperture cards can be eradicated

Professionals at Habile Data, ensure the entire scanned data is integrated and indexed for effective document management. They ensure the project is handled in a confidential manner and extra care is taken to ensure absolute data security.

With state-of-the-art infrastructure and latest cutting-edge technology including scanners, HabileData ensures superfast services and smooth workflow even if the workload is overwhelming.

We are available 24x7. You can reach us any time and get in touch with our helpdesk executives conveniently.

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